Keranique vs Rogaine

Keranique and Rogaine have become increasingly popular in recent years, and whilst Rogaine is one of the oldest hair loss products around, some people are looking at Keranique as a better alternative. It can be difficult to know what differences, if any, there are between the two products. And working out which one would be best for your needs can also be a bit of a nightmare, too.

Both Keranique and Rogaine use the most popular hair loss ingredient of the last 30 years – Minoxidil. Minoxidil is the only FDA proven hair loss ingredient that you can purchase freely online without having some sort of prescription. Whilst Rogaine is basically just Minoxidil, Keranique uses a lower concentration of this along with some other ingredients too.

Either of these hair loss products is likely to help mitigate and possibly even reverse your hair loss. But, knowing which one is better for you isn’t as easy – let’s check out the main differences between the two.


Rogaine is one of the old hitters in the hair loss world – if you’ve been dealing with hair loss at any point, you’re likely to have heard of it. And even if you haven’t, you’ll probably have seen their advertising campaigns somewhere in the media.

The reason that Rogaine is so ridiculously popular is that it was really the first of it’s kind to capitalise on minoxidil being used as a hair loss ingredient. Beforehand, it was used to help regulate blood pressure, which sort of makes sense if you think of the way that it works.

Although there’s a lot of research on minoxidil working, the mechanics behind it are less so – most studies agree that minoxidil increases the blood flow to the hair follicles, which enables them to widen and regenerate, allowing your hair to grow through. This also helps to explain the key side effects of Rogaine.

Rogaine Side Effects

  • Headaches – The most common symptoms that people report when using Rogaine is of headaches. This is a pretty common side effect with many different hair loss products, especially with Rogaine because of the effect it can have on your blood.
  • Itchiness – With many hair care products, you run the risk of it being an irritant to your skin. This is usually a reaction to an ingredient in the liquid or foam. If you have a reaction to Rogaine, you can always look at a minoxidil alternative foam which will give you the same product with slightly different ingredients which may not irritate your scalp.
  • Water retention – Another relatively unknown side effect of using Rogaine is that it can cause you to retain water. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stop taking it – you can see your doctor and ask for some diuretics if you want to continue using Rogaine too.

Overall, Rogaine is the go to if you’re dealing with hair loss, particularly male pattern baldness – it should be your first consideration if you really want a chance at battling permanent hair loss. Generally, it isn’t used for temporary hair loss as although it can help to promote hair growth, temporary hair loss usually has an underlying causes.

If you’re dealing with temporary hair loss, then a hair loss shampoo like Keranique is likely to be a better alternative for you.


Why is Keranique a better option for you if you’re dealing with temporary hair loss? Well, aside from Minoxidil it also contains other ingredients which can be effective for dealing with hair loss.

Like most hair loss products, it contains some of the best B vitamins for hair loss. Of course, the most famous b vitamin for effecting your hair is Biotin or B7. If you’re deficient in Biotin, you can undoubtedly experience hair loss due to this, so it’s important that you get enough of it. It also contains panthenol or B5, which has also been stated helps to thicken your hair (though there’s a lack of studies and research on this).

It contains an abundance of other ingredients which are great for your hair too – things like Ginseng Root Extract, Keratin, and Vegetable protein make this a good option for anyone looking to strengthen their hair. Of course, this product can come with additional, occasional side effects too.

Keranique Side Effects

Of course, Keranique contains Minoxidil as well, so it potentially has all of the same side effects as Rogaine. But because you’re using different formulas, there are some alternative side effects that people have reported.

  • Red scalp and irritation – Some people have reported that Keranique has caused irritation in their scalp, leaving them with a red and possibly itchy scalp. You could probably find this side effect for 99% of shampoos – sometimes people just don’t react well to certain ingredients! Fortunately, the symptoms will likely reside as long as you stop using the product.
  • Hair loss – Another possible side effect of using Keranique and Minoxidil in general is that you start to shed hair after you start using it. Usually, this can happen for a few weeks before you start to see your hair start to grow back thicker.

These side effects are the most common ones that you may experience when using Keranique, though the majority of people do not experience any sort of side effect with the product.

Overall Verdict

Overall, the reality is that it’s very easy to see which of these products would be better for your needs. If you’re dealing with permanent hair loss like male pattern baldness, then you really need to opt for Rogaine as your hair loss product of choice – you could also choose to combine Rogaine with Finasteride and Nizoral to get the ultimate hair loss combatting package.

If you’re dealing with temporary hair loss due to another reason – things like diet and stress can also cause hair loss – then you could opt for a shampoo like Keranique to help restore your hair.

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