Nutri Ox vs Nioxin – Is it as good?

Nioxin is one of the most popular hair shampoos around, specifically designed to try and help those dealing with hair loss. Whether you’ve got mildly thinning hair or you have started to lose hair more drastically, you can easily check the Nioxin scale and find out which grade of Nioxin is best for you. If you’ve kept your eyes peeled to new hair loss shampoos, then you might have seen that Nutri Ox has been released. It seems to be a direct competitor to Nioxin, but can it really compete with one of the best hair loss shampoos around?

Well the answer is that Nioxin and Nutri Ox are extremely similar in their ingredients – from this, one can only assume that they yield similar results. Whilst Nutri Ox doesn’t have the successful track record that Nioxin does, it is considerably cheaper. 

The reality is that both of these shampoos are very similar in their ingredients, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are exactly the same. There are some differences between them that are worth noting which may make your decision easier if you’re deciding between the two.


Nioxin is the big player in the market – it’s one of the better choices for a shampoo if you’re experiencing thinning hair. Whilst there are a ton of other hair loss shampoos around, Nioxin has one of the best repuations.

Whilst it’s definitely not ideal for permanent hair loss, it’s never been advertised as such. If you’re dealing with hair loss, you’ll likely need to go for something a bit stronger like Finasteride or Minoxidil. These are more suited to dealing with permanent hair loss, whereas Nioxin is more designed for those experiencing temporary hair loss. It can help restore your hair back to it’s past self, which is ideal if you having hair loss due to stress or diet.

Many people opt to use the shampoo and conditioner on it’s own, but it usually comes in a full starter kit. This includes a small mousse which is usually branded as a scalp cleanser. You’ll also find certain Nioxin kits that contain a hair booster. Some people think that the Hair Booster is unnecessary as an extra, but this isn’t the case – it’s filled with keratin, which whilst the research isn’t thorough, does seem to be good for your hairs appearance.

Nutri Ox

More of the new kid on the market (it’s still many years old), you’d be forgiven for thinking that Nutri Ox is essentially a copy of Nioxin. It’s pretty much the same, down to the three bottles that come as part of their set; a shampoo, conditioner and a ‘treatment’ bottle which is unsurprisingly similar to the one from Nioxin.

You’ll have to scour the internet a little harder than you would usually to find Nutri Ox – in recent years, it’s declined in popularity since it’s launch. Like Nioxin, Nutri Ox uses a scale system to measure the strength of their products. They provide resolutions for chemically treated hair and natural hair, so it doesn’t matter what your hair situation is currently.

Overall, this is very similar to Nioxin in pretty much every way. But, there are a few differences – lets have a look at them competitively to see which is best.

Differences between Nioxin and Nutri Ox


The main difference that you’ll find between Nioxin and Nutri Ox is the price. Whilst I don’t think that Nioxin is particularly expensive, it’s undoubtedly more expensive than using Nutri Ox. You can often find Nutri Ox at anywhere between 20-50% lower pricing than with Nioxin, so this may be worth considering if you’re trying to save cash.

This might not add up for a one time purchase, but for these products to work well you need to use them continuously. This means that the costs can certainly add up over months and years, so this may have an effect on your decision.


Whilst both of the products do contain most of the same ingredients, there are definitely some differences between them. They’re both intended to cleanse the scalp, but it seems that Nioxin has more concrete ingredients that are proven to do that.

Nioxin contains two of the most popular sunscreen ingredients – Ensulizole and Sulisobenzone. These are both used in the majority of popular sunscreens that you’ll find, and it’s pretty easy to guess their purpose. That’s right – to protect your scalp! This gives Nioxin some credibility. As well as these ingredients, Nioxin also contains some b vitamins and DHT blocking shampoo ingredients like Saw Palmetto.

This doesn’t mean to say Nutri Ox doesn’t have some awesome active ingredients of it’s own. It contains Nettle Extract, which is also proven to help reduce the conversion from DHT to testosterone. As well as this it also contains sunflower seed oil, aloe and ginger extract – all proven to be good for your skin and scalp.


Overall, the best option out of these two hair loss products would undoubtedly be the one that produces the best results. This is extremely difficult to know without either of them, so it may be worth trying one of them and seeing how it works for you.

If you can only get one of these shampoos, then Nioxin is undoubtedly the better option to do for. They have a far better track record and you can be sure that they will help with your hair loss. This isn;t to say that Nutri Ox won’t work, but Nioxin has a far larger customer base with the majority of customers being happy with their products.

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